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We did it!!!

Circus Charivari is proud to tell you that we succesfully finished our first Scandinavia-tour.

15 young artists, 8 musicians and 4 staff-members aswell as 2 parents and 2 circus-directors spent 8 wonderful days in Odense, Malmö and Sandvig/Bornholm. Our hosts, Cirkus Flik Flak, Cirkusskola Malmö and Cirkus Stjerneskud were overwhelmingly friendly. Thank you for your hospitality! Looks like this was the start of a long lasting friendship. Besides 6 wonderful shows in 3 different locations we had common trainings, games and meals with Danish and Swedish circus-people and learned a lot of each other. Terrific that we could „steal“ Cirkus FlikFlaks` bass-player Rasmus! He and the rest of the band matched perfectly and had a lot of fun together throughout the whole week.

Now we are back in Lübeck, full of memories and future-visions…

Keep dreaming with us and see you all soon again!

Circus Charivari

Circus Charivari is a Youth Circus from the North Germany city of Lübeck.
Founded in 2006 and directed by Trix Langhans, a former slack rope artist, Circus Charivari has been growing steadily and today has 120 members aged between 5 and 55.
Since 2012 the circus has been co-directed by Ea Paravicini, a Swiss-German tight-rope artist.

We both teach almost every circus-skill such as juggling, trapeze, balance, acrobatics, wire and many more. Besides teaching these technical skills we focus on encouraging our pupils to develop their own personality, to take responsibility and to build a sense of community.

In 2013 we started a youth ensemble which created their own circus show: „Circles- between the storm and a breath of wind“. 16 young artists aged between 11 and 17 put all their passion and their ideas into this piece and moved very many spectators to tears.

Veronica Reiff and Jens Gebel, two composers from Freiburg in Southern Germany, composed the music for this unique show and formed a band of 8 young musicians: the Circus Charivari Live-Band. The combination of circus-arts and music is touching, and all our young performers seem to be ready to take off for the moon or the stars… The music is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.
„Circles“ is about seasonal changes, ice and snow, springtime, beach-parties, stormy weather, and foggy November nights.
After 7 successful performances in Lübeck and Hamburg we felt ready to go abroad and were very happy to get in touch with three wonderful Youth Circuses in Denmark and Sweden.
We are grateful that they invited us and our crew to perform in their circus-buildings.
Here comes our tour-schedule. Welcome to Circus Charivari and „Circles-between the storm and a breath of wind“:

3rd october , 4 p.m., Lübeck
11th october Odense, 2 p.m., Cirkus FlikFlak
12th october Odense, 2 p.m. , Cirkus FlikFlak
14th october Malmö, 6 p.m., Cirkusskola Malmö
15th october Malmö, 9 a.m. , Cirkusskola Malmö
16th october Allinge/Bornholm, Cirkus Stjerneskud
17th october Allinge/Bornholm, Cirkus Stjerneskud

Looking forward to see you all!

If you want to see pictures of our show, please go to „Bildergalerie“, and if you go to „Letzte Beiträge“ you will find a trailer which might give you a little impression of „Circles“.